Luna Loungewear Pajama Set

Happy Feature Friday! I cannot believe how late I am to the Luna train. I’ve been eyeing this pattern for absolute ages. And even worse, the fabric sat in my stash for two years. Better late than never right? Luna Loungewear is the Feature Friday pattern over at Love Notions and that means it’s on sale for just $5 today only. The girls’ Luna Loungewear pattern is also on sale.. yay! I don’t have a little to sew for so I sewed up just the ladies version – I chose the cami and capris to make a super cute pj set that’s been so long overdue!

This isn’t just your average Feature Friday. Ladies Luna was just updated to include the full size range XS-5X. So it had a full redraft and sizing update which means this is also a re-release sale! Feature Friday special is valid through tonight at 11:59 pm, and the re-release sale lasts through the weekend at a sale price of $9.50. Regular price is $12.50. Don’t forget you can use my code: ISLAND10 for an extra 10% off any LN purchase too!

Luna is packed with options. You can sew a cami, a nightie, shots, capris or a bralette. You can add the bralette to the cami and nightie as a shelf bra. It is such a versatile pattern! You can sew loungewear, pajamas, or depending on your fabric choice, you can totally make normal ‘outside’ clothes! The tops and nightie are meant for knit fabrics. The bottoms can be made in both knits and wovens.. woohoo!


  • Cami
  • Knee-length nighty
  • Shelf bra/bralette
  • Shorts
  • Capris
  • Optional side seam pockets


  • XS-5X
  • Full bust option

The capris and shorts feature an elasticated waistband with optional drawstring, faux fly and side-seam pockets. I am in love with the faux fly detail! It really dresses up my pjs! I personally don’t like pockets on my pjs.. the simpler the better for me! I don’t like to be fussing with my clothes when sleeping. Which brings me to the point… one of the things I brought into adulthood that I probably should have left behind is girly frilly pjs! Sorry husband.. no sexy pjs around here. Comfort really is key! I tend to go for anything cool, loose, cottony, and pretty! Gimme all the kiddie prints with funky animals!

This orchid french terry fabric is from So Sew English. It’s called ‘No drama llamas’ and the name surely sold me. Also how stinking cute are those little curly llamas? Just look at their smiles and long eyelashes. Tami actually gifted me this fabric for an ambassador thing we had in 2020 and I held on to it specifically for Luna. Two years later and I finally have my super comfy cozy no drama llamas capris. Oh how I wish I had sewn them sooner! I bet that is the story of sewists’ lives everywhere!

For sizing, my measurements put me in L waist and XL hips but I sized down as recommended for the knit fabric. I made M waist graded to L hips then back to M legs. I added 1″ to the rise and shortened the legs 1″. Talk about a perfect fit.. oh my goodness.. obsessed!!!

My adorable cami features colorblocking! I mean if you know me.. then that is probably expected right? The fabric is a cotton poly blend rib knit with literally zero recovery (so annoying!). It wasn’t hard to sew.. but oh my goodness.. hemming? Impossible! Fun fact: I actually added the shelf bra initially but the fabric stretched out so much from trying to add a band (I didn’t want elastic around my ribcage for sleeping). I ended up just cutting it out carefully. Phew! I tried to hem this thing and the hem just stretched and stretched. Luckily.. I came up with a back up plan! Lettuce hem! Removing needles from my serger and fiddling with settings just wasn’t an option for me. I was kind of over this fabric by then so I did my lettuce hem on my sewing machine instead. It was my first time doing it and since I was unsure how it would turn out, I didn’t do a video! Ugh kicking myself right now because it turned out so cute! Here’s a link to the tutorial I used. And another that was really helpful.

Luna Loungewear has two options for finishing the neckline and armholes. One is a binding pattern piece included in the pattern and the other is fold over elastic. I had a ton of foe scraps in my sewing room for some unknown reason. I can’t figure out what I chopped them up to do (maybe to make hair ties – I don’t remember) but I didn’t have enough of any one colour to do the entire cami and I didn’t want to use the same fabric because like I said before – absolutely no recovery. Thankfully I had a colour very similar to my llama fabric and enough of it to do both the front and back necklines. I then used peach for one armhole and strap and orange for the other. How cuuuute! I love it with this subtle touch of colour blocking… definitely screams Keira!

For the cami, I sewed my usual size L standard bust and shortened it 1″. The fit is spot on and I expected nothing less! This entire set was such a satisfying sew, especially coming up with an alternative hem for my cami. So proud of myself for this little lettuce hem. Everything is super comfy and soft and cool, which I definitely need in this heat right now. Am I the only one having a heat wave this summer? I know they say we don’t have seasons here.. but I beg to differ. It is 100% Summer!

Let me know what you think of my Lunas! I hope I’ve inspired you to sew some for yourself. It’s such a quick and easy pattern to sew, rated confident beginner and there is an amazing sew along on the LN blog as well. I followed along to sew my fold over elastic since was my first time doing that and I am super happy with the results. Remember to grab Ladies Luna while it’s on sale, as well as the girls’ version if you have a little one to sew for. Use my code: ISLAND10 for an extra 10% off. Feature Friday special is valid through tonight at 11:59 pm, and the re-release sale lasts through the weekend at a sale price of $9.50. Regular price is $12.50. Make sure you follow me on IG @islandsewcialist to keep up with me. Until next time!





  1. Abbey

    These llamas are so cute 🤩 love how you were able to use up those scrap FOE pieces for the top binding.

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you! Yup happy to finally put these foe scraps to good use!

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