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Cropped & Distressed Denim Vest – McCall’s M7729 Review

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Cropped & Distressed Denim Vest – McCall’s M7729 Review

So I’ve wanted a white cropped denim jacket for literal years! Of course when you live in a third world country you can’t find white denim 😐 I had to settle for an off white/oat mealy colour denim. But it’s okay, I’m still obsessed with it! It was so hard to decide if I wanted sleeves or not but I stuck to my gut and made it vest style.

The pattern I used is McCall’s M7729 and I made view A. I’m not sure if ‘I just mek up funny’ or what but I had to make a ton load of adjustments on this pattern. I mean… I made 3 muslins! I almost scrapped this thing.

My first muslin was a size 10, a bit shorter than I wanted and it couldn’t button. Then I made size 12; waaay too big especially the back. Also, i noticed that the front yoke sizes were off. I had to use a size 8 yoke on the size 10 jacket and a size 10 yoke on the size 12 jacket. This had me super confused but I just went with the flow. My last muslin was a smashup of both sizes. I made a size 10 back with a size 12 front with a size 10 yoke. Well that was a mouthful. 🙂 I then ended up taking in the side seams half inch and sloping the shoulder seams quarter inch.
Then because I was fraying and not adding sleeves, the arm sat way too wide on my shoulders. I chopped off half inch all around and reshaped the back arm because it sat like an actual box. Oh did I mention I completely forgot the pocket flaps and hadn’t noticed until I already serged and top stitched? Yahl I thought this jacket would be the death of me.
And of course again, when you live in  third world country, it’s impossible to find denim buttons so I had to settle for gold sailor type buttons. Thank the heavens I ended up loving these buttons in the end.
I started fraying the edges using a tweezer, but after 3 muslins and a million alterations I was out of patience so I butchered it with my seam ripper instead. By the way before I started fraying, I did a triple stitch all around where I wanted the fraying to stop. Shout out to Judith Dee Creations because I had no idea my sewing machine had a triple stitch until she posted about mending a pant crotch. After fraying I threw the jacket in the washing machine on delicate cycle because I personally think frayed edges look better after washing and I was right. The frayed edges fluffed up so nicely.
I’m tempted to make a black version of the McCall’s M7729 with sleeves, but I’m not sure I want to go through this trouble again. Have you ever loved a finished project but hated the process so much that you’ll never go back to that pattern? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love your sleeveless denim jacket! I like the frayed look!

    1. Keira Wood says:

      Thank you Linda! Funny story, I saw almost the exact frayed jacket in store the day I made mine!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s really cute.

    1. Keira Wood says:

      Thank you so much!

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