Made It Glide Jacket 90s #flashbacksewingchallenge

The Made It Patterns Glide Jacket has to be the most exciting challenge I’ve ever participated in! I was over the moon when @faithstjules and @winmichele announced that they were hosting the #flashbacksewingchallenge, a challenge that required you to sew up a garment/outfit inspired by your favourite time period in history. I knew without a doubt I was going to choose the 90s! I am a true 90s baby, I mean come on.. I was born in January 1990, literally ringing in the 90s! The most innocent and free years of my childhood were spent in the 90s.

Made It Patterns Glide Jacket

I was inspired by fashion from Fresh Prince of Belair, Saved by the Bell and Clueless! (I feel like I am channeling my inner Lisa Turtle with this one!) Since I was born in the first month of the 90s era, I wanted to make an outfit that represented exactly that… the movement from the late 80s to the early 90s. I was initially going to make a colour blocked bomber, but Made It Patterns released their new Glide Jacket pattern just about the time I was making plans in my head, and it was a match made in heaven. The lines on the pattern already facilitated a bit of colour blocking and it is fully lined which would then hide all the seams from the colour blocking.

I googled 90s jacket to see if I was on the right track, and endless colour blocked windbreakers and bombers popped up. I picked three of my favourite colours and headed to the fabric store. The pink, purple and teal combo seemed to be a hit in the 90s! I chose to use stretch twill fabric but could not find purple for the life of me. I cheated a bit there…oops. I bought purple cotton, which is more suitable for lining than outer fabric for this particular pattern, but I needed purple okay! My lining fabric is metallic ankara; I had it in my stash holding it for something special and obviously this is as special as it gets!

I pretty much butchered my pattern pieces to do the colour blocking. I am not going to lie, I’ve never seen so many pattern pieces! There are so many pieces, that a checklist comes with the package so you can keep track. Baring in mind, this pattern is designed with intermediate and advanced makers in mind, not a beginner like me! But yahl know I love a challenge (in other words I love stress apparently)! Colour blocking an already detailed pattern equals even more pattern pieces but what I did to make sure I didn’t get confused, is that I dealt with one piece at a time. So after cutting up my front piece, i would then cut the fabric at the same time, and reconnect the pieces making it whole again before moving on to the back piece. That way, I didn’t have random pieces of fabric in different colours lying around the sewing room waiting to be put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

So about a beginner like me attempting this pattern, I’d say it’s worth a try! I did have to read over some instructions more than once, and the seam ripper came out a few times, but it was a great learning experience. The only real trouble I had was that one of my invisible zippers broke and I didn’t have another one on hand. I had to rip one out of an old dress and upon reflection, if I didn’t have that dress, my goose would be fully cooked! It was literally the only black invisible zipper I had in the entire house! Isn’t God great? My advice for beginners, is to take your time, read through carefully multiple times and stare at those photo illustrations! They are really helpful.

Overall, I”m slightly obsessed with the Made It Patterns Glide Jacket! I worked really hard on it and my vision definitely came to life. I love my chevron sleeves although foolishly I didn’t get a good photo of that part because I had my sleeves scrunched up the entire time. I love how the colours pop off the black! I am super proud of my invisible zipper pockets! I couldn’t even find a 22″ separating zipper here in Barbados. Actually only one store had separating zippers and there was only one size, 21″ and not much in stock (third world country problems) but I made it work though! I used the lining fabric to cut out a 90 graphic and sewed that to the back piece before lining. I let my creativity do all the work for this project and I am so happy with my final look!

Made It Patterns Glide Jacket Review

Now on to my fabulous two toned denim mini skirt… Can you guys believe it is an up cycled project? I used two pairs of old jeans, one too small and one with holes in the upper thigh and crotch area (shameful!). Funny enough I took no photos during the process but I did do Instagram stories so if you don’t follow me on Instagram, well obviously you missed out. 🙂 Each front half is an opened up leg from a medium wash skinny jean and each back half is an opened up leg from a dark wash skinny jean. How insane right?

Glide Jacket

I made a button placket from the dark wash jean and also stole the waistband. The waistband was too small so I cut it at the side seam, and added a new piece long enough to come all the way around to the button band. I added antique brass snaps and although the skirt is actually very stretchy and roomy, there were still gaps between the snaps which could cause unwanted flashes and wardrobe malfunctions. Luckily, the fabric so stretchy I could pull the skirt on with the snaps done up to the second snap. so I tacked the button placket closed from the last snap up to the second one. There is some gaping between the first and second snap since I couldn’t tack that area but that doesn’t bother me too much. For the back pockets, I decided to keep the contrasts going and used the pockets from the medium wash jean. I left the hem raw and just like that, a brand new skirt was born. *Pats self on back*

Now this is the story all about how… (see what I did there?) I transitioned back into the 90s in style and fashion! What is your favorite time period in history?


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  1. Your whole look is amazing Kiera. I love all the details in your jacket and how you truly made it work using purple cotton and an invisible zip from another dress! Your skirt definitley takes me back to the 90’s with the two tones. Gorgeous!

    • Keira Wood

      Thanks Crystal! It was definitely a make it work moment with that zipper! The two toned skirt was not even planned either. One pair of skinny jeans ended up not being enough so I was lucky I had another one in my upcycle pile.

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