M7983 Reptilian rage

Hi sewing friends!

Today I am sharing with you one of my new favourite patterns McCalls M7983. I fell in love with this pattern the day it dropped and immediately thought of a fabric I had in my stash that is very similar to what the model is wearing. It is a lightweight ribbed sweater knit in the colour Autumn Pumpkin and it is still available on Fabric Mart!


What is even crazier is that my local fabric store’s new stock had the perfect snake print fabric for the skirt. It is a Telio stretch faux leather and lucky for you guys who are overseas, I found it on fabric.com! I seem to be pretty much obsessed with animal print at the minute. I am so happy it is trending because it is right up my alley! Give me all the leopard and all the snake (though I am terrified of them both in real life)!

Beginner Pattern - MCCALLS M7983 PATTERN REVIEW

I’ll start with the skirt because this is literally my new go to skirt pattern. I mean the fit is just amazing! I initially graded from 14 waist to 16 hip according to the finished garment measurements but it was actually too big in the hip area (well that’s a first)! I ended up taking it in to a straight 14 and oh my gosh it hugs my curves in the most flattering way! There are 2 front darts and 4 back darts. I always find 4 darts at the back give a much better fit than just 2. I made view C because I am only 5’4” and I am still unsure how I feel about midi things on my frame.


The skirt should be fully lined but I hadn’t noticed so I didn’t purchase lining fabric and I didn’t want to put off the project another day so I omitted the lining and just used the included facing pieces like normal. This worked out perfectly fine except that my fabric is really noisy when I walk and it rubs against my skin. I mean the skirt is already a showstopper on its own… now you can also hear me coming from a mile away… not ideal but I know better next time!


The main feature of this skirt I would say is the double ended zipper in the back. I used a white zipper with gold hardware and it is absolutely gorgeous with the snake print! You use the zipper to adjust the slit in the back… genius!! So if you’re heading to a more conservative event, you can leave it zipped all the way down and no worries there is enough space for walking and bending freely with no slit unlike some other pencil skirts. But if you want to add a little spice or drama, you can undo the zipper as far as you want.

Sew Your Own Outfit - MCCALLS M7983 PATTERN REVIEW

Now I never have good luck with bodysuits the same way I can never fit pants. I seem to have a really odd shape on my lower region. I don’t think I have the biggest booty in the world, but sewing patterns sure do make me feel that way. Looking at this bodysuit pattern, I thought it would be long enough, especially with such full coverage, to snap under my body. Boy was I wrong! I should have measured and measured again! I made size 14 and it didn’t even cover half my butt! I mean even if by some miracle, I could manage to basically twist my body and hang myself with the front crotch, it would snap way too far up my butt and I imagine sitting down may feel like actual death.


So of course I had no choice but to chop off the lower bodysuit portion and turn it into a top. The problem is, the legs were cut pretty high (not normal for coverage that was almost like boy shorts). It was a very strange shape of bodysuit in my opinion but like I said maybe bodysuits just aren’t for me. So after chopping off what I needed to, I ended up with a cropped top. Which then meant, there was no way it would stay down in the skirt. It is literally up my back when I sit. That being said, I am going to remake an orange top to match this skirt because I love the colour combo.

And yes I am wearing a turtleneck in 34 degree weather. Before you judge me, the fabric is super thin. It is translucent and the knit is pretty loose. Also I won’t wear this until closer to Christmas time when it is a lot cooler, dare I say even ‘cold’ at nights. I’m guessing it will be best styled with high waisted jeans since it is shorter than I would like and I wouldn’t want my butt crack on show to the entire world.

All in all, despite having to butcher my bodysuit, I am in love with this outfit! This skirt is going to get a lot of wear and I’ve already made a black corduroy one as well! There is a leopard print in this same faux leather and I think I may just have to make the same skirt again! I just can’t help myself with this pattern. If you are looking for the perfect pencil skirt pattern, I’d say give this one a go!






  1. Jennifer Carrier

    Thank you so much for the review! Beautiful job! Can’t wait to try this pattern.

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much!

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