Love Notions Willow Wrap Dress pattern – Sitewide 40% off sale!

Love Notions is having a Birthday sale and it’s the last sale of the year so I hope you have your Wishlist ready! Everything is 40% off except for the newly released Glissando pattern. That being said, this week I am bringing you tons of inspo starting with the gorgeous Willow Wrap Dress pattern!


  • Peplum top
  • Knee length dress
  • Optional Flounce
  • Plain or pleated bodice
  • 2 neckline depths

I Went for the dress version because quite frankly.. I don’t have enough dresses in my wardrobe. Over the last few months, I haven’t made many dresses since I had absolutely nowhere to go given the current pandemic situation. But since I moved recently, I cleaned out my closet and ended up with a massive bag of dresses to donate, a lot too small for me now and some I just wasn’t into. So now my wardrobe is truly lacking in the dress department and with the holiday season coming up I really wanted to start filling that gap.

I was gifted some gorgeous fabrics from So Sew English by the lovely Tami, owner of Love Notions patterns. I did a little write up about those here if you are interested in seeing what I got! One of the fabrics was a tie dyed french terry with shades of blue, pink, purple and aqua. It is pretty lightweight and super soft and I knew it would eventually turn into a flowy dress. If you’ve been following me for some time.. you know I love a good wrap style anything! I thought the Willow Wrap Dress pattern was the perfect pattern!

I made the plain bodice with standard bust and the lower neckline option. Even with the lower neckline, I can still adjust the depth. In these photos I have it pulled down to show the tiniest bit of cleavage.. but I can actually pull it up to show nothing at all. The neckline is finished with binding which makes it so clean and tidy inside and since it is straight stitched, it is less likely for the neckline to stretch out. Now on to sizing…


  • XS-5X
  • Full Bust option

I Made size L graded to M at the waist and I made a ½” sway back adjustment. These are my normal alterations I make for any knit dress pattern. I mean, this is why I am just loving knit patterns at the minute! Especially with my fluctuating weight right now, I feel like I am really developing an addiction to knits. So easy to fit and can adapt to my body changes! The only other change I made was to shorten the sleeves by 2 inches.

Sleeve Options

  • Short
  • Elbow
  • 3/4
  • Flutter
  • Long

I went with the 3/4 length sleeves. I should also mention that there is an adorable flounce option that you can add to the bodice and I definitely will be making that version as well! The silhouette of this dress is pretty forgiving so it makes me feel super confident. But you want to know what is really amazing? There is a maternity option! So there are separate maternity pattern pieces included designed to fit your baby bump better than the original pattern. How genius is that!

The Willow has easily just become my new favourite knit wrap dress pattern. I love the fact that only the top wraps and it is sewn into the skirt so essentially it is a mock wrap. I don’t have to worry about anything opening up or spilling out. The skirt flares beautifully and makes me want to twirl all day and I think this pattern and fabric pairing deserves a 10/10 if I do say so myself! So if this pattern tickles your fancy, make sure to head over to the website and get your 40% off! It’s a short sale this time so you don’t want to lose out on this opportunity to stock up on Love Notions patterns. I cannot wait to share my other pieces this week! Watch this space!

*Make sure to check out my Love Notions playlist on my Youtube channel to see all the different patterns I’ve made!

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  1. Abbey

    Keira, this dress is so fab!! Love the tie-dye colours (right up my alley 😜). And these shoes 🔥🔥🔥

    • Keira Wood

      Thanks girl! These shoes are easily the least comfortable shoes I own but great for photos!

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