DIY Victoria’s Secret Christmas pjs – Breckenridge Henley

It’s Pinspiration Episode 2 and this time I recreated a super cute buffalo plaid pajama top from Victoria’s Secret Pink! I found it when I was searching Pinterest for inspiration for my Breckenridge Henley. I could not believe how perfect it was.. I had the exact fabric.. even with the solid red wrong side! I knew right away that this was going to be my Christmas pj top this year!

The Breckenridge Henley pattern was literally spot on. The exact neckline and the long sleeves with cuffs. I did make a few changes though. I needed to shorten the sleeves 1.5″ for my arm length so I decided to shorten the cuffs instead so it would be a closer match for my inspiration photo. I also shortened the bodice 1″ and just before hemming, I took off another inch. Learning from my dress, I also made a 1″ swayback adjustment and that worked out really well so it’s a change I will keep for all my future Breckenridge henleys.

For my dress version, I made size L graded to XL hip but in the end I found the grading unnecessary. So for my top version I made a straight size L and the fit is perfect. Luckily the wrong side of the fabric was plain red, so I didn’t need to buy separate fabric to make the contrast sleeve cuffs and button placket. I used black buttons on my placket instead of white like the inspiration photo.. just personal preference.

Here’s a reminder of what the pattern offers:


  • Shirt length
  • Tunic length
  • Dress length


  • XS-5X
  • Full Bust option

Sleeve Options

  • Short
  • Roll-tab
  • Cuffed long

*Don’t forget the Breckenridge Henley pattern is on release sale for $3 off until Monday October 26th!

I’ve had this buffalo plaid or buffalo check, I have no idea what the right term is, in my fabric stash for over a year now. It’s a cotton spandex but was flawed and I didn’t notice until weeks after I bought it. So it just sat there because I figured it wasn’t good enough to wear in public because of the dark lines running through. Well when I pulled it out for this project, I noticed the flaws ran where the shirt hem would hit which meant I was able to avoid all flaws on this pj top! Phew! What a relief! There I was thinking I could only use the fabric for pjs because the flaws would show in public. It was such a pleasant surprise that I was able to cut around the flaws and not a single mark made it into the garment. But all things worked together for good because I am ecstatic that it turned into a pj top anyway.. I cannot wait to wake up in this top on Christmas day!

I guess the big question is.. what bottoms will I wear? Honestly I have no clue! I guess it’s time to hunt for some similar fabric to make some full length bottoms. I am pretty sure my fabric store doesn’t carry this anymore. I think I saw some at Girl Charlee fabrics.. I’ll definitely have to go take a look and snag some! If not, I am guessing plain black or plain red are options too. Let me know your thoughts.. and give me the hook up if you’ve seen fabric like this online anywhere! I need to complete this set before Christmas!





  1. This fabric is perfect for the Breckenridge top. You nailed your inspo pic!

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much Crystal! I was so happy I had the perfect fabric in my stash!

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