Intentional Sewing – My Magic Criteria

Still lounging in 2021? A month ago my answer would be totally different from what it is now. It’s been utter chaos since we reopened our borders. Tourists have been doing the absolute most! I mean.. cutting off bands, jumping walls, practically just sharing the virus all around the country with no care or concern for locals’ wellbeing. I don’t think I need to tell you what happened next. Quite frankly, we are on the brink of another lockdown and I wanted to make sure I was ready this time! Not just in terms of food shopping and racing the toilet paper hoarders, but more importantly, mentally.

I decided that my first make for 2021 would be a super soft and comfy lounge set. Absolutely perfect for working from home, and it would keep me feeling cute and stylish during depressing days. The fabric is a brushed sweater knit from Freckle Fabrics and it feels like cashmere; so dreamy! My hoodie is the Sloane Sweater and my shorts are hacked Resolution Bottoms. Both patterns I used to create this set are on sale right now if they’ve caught your eye! Love Notions is having their annual New Year sitewide sale. It is the only 30% off sale this year and ends on January 8th 2021. As a Love Notions ambassador, the links in this post are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through them.

Now as you read this blog post, I encourage you to think long and hard about intentional sewing and what it means to you.

For me, intentional sewing goes deeper than just saying ‘oh my wardrobe is missing a hoodie’. My focus this year is on feeling good in the garments I make. And in order to feel confident and comfortable in the clothes I wear, I must make sure they are:

  1. Fitting ‘correctly’
  2. Styles I truly love
  3. Sewing I am proud of

So let’s break down these three categories so you can better understand how my brain is working this year. Bare in mind, I made these decisions based on mistakes I’ve made in 2020. If you read my last blog post, you know it has been an extremely difficult year in my sewing room.

Fitting ‘correctly’

I use the term correctly very loosely here. Correctly to me means that the fit is comfortable to me and pleasing to my eyes based on my personal body. Yes it is easy to just grab a pattern, cut and sew but I really intend to hone in on fit this year because I’ve realised I just won’t wear the garment if I feel like something is off. I prefer to take some extra time by first diving into the finished garment measurements to decide what fit I desire for that particular project and making the necessary adjustments even if it includes making a muslin.

For my Sloane hoodie, I wanted an oversized fit. I wanted a more snuggly cozy vibe so I went up a size. I would usually make L but went for XL. I shortened both the body and sleeves by 1 inch.. there is oversized and then there is swallowing so I needed to be careful here. But the point I want to make is that if I did want to be swallowed.. it would be my choice and I would adjust for that accordingly. So base your fit on the particular look or feel you are trying to achieve, not what society deems as ‘perfect fit’.

Styles I truly love

This is where my love for pattern hacking comes in. This year I intend to do a lot less ‘collabs’ where I am offered a free pattern to make up. Why? Because I’ve noticed I am super picky! I want what I want and I like what I like. So unless I am able to change the pattern to suit my own personal taste and preference, it’s a no from me! As you know, I live on a tropical island. Right now we are somewhere in the middle of experiencing Christmas breeze at nights but roasting in the day time. I absolutely love shorts for lounging! I love a hoodie up top and then shorts so I can cover up waist down with a throw when it’s chilly at night. I actually cannot sleep without a sheet over me so shorts are perfect! At first I wanted to make joggers because I thought ‘these will do better on Instagram’. But I am the one wearing the clothes and I wanted shorts this time! So I hacked the Resolution Bottoms to have a 4″ inseam and that’s perfectly fine! Practicality wins! This year I need to remember I am sewing for me.. not Instagram!

Sewing I am proud of

I overbooked myself so much in 2020 that everything was a rush. And obviously when rushing, mistakes are made. I know this is cliche, but in 2021 I am going for quality over quantity. At the end of the day, I want to feel proud of my work and I also want the garments to last longer than rtw would. For my resolution bottoms, I took the extra time to hand baste my back yoke pieces. I swapped my zigzag stitch for a twin needle hem. I actually changed my serger threads too! So this year I intend to learn a lot more about sewing techniques, tips and tricks and use them in my sewing to make sure I am proud of everything I make. Muslins are a must! I made a mock up of my resolution shorts from scrap fabric and thank goodness I did. I ended up making a few changes after; ½” knock kneed adjustment, scooped back crotch, lengthened front crotch ½”. When I tried my mock up, my husband said “but that is usually how all pants fit you.. it’s not that bad”. My response: “but if I can make it better, why not?”. I don’t sew to make things fit me the same as rtw.. nor to have the same wonky stitches you know?

Phew that was a mouthful! But I hope I managed to get my point across. That so much factors in to you feeling great in your handmade garments. Well at least for me. I am super picky, and I know what I want. It takes a little extra time to adjust or hack patterns to suit my personal style, but it is so worth it in the end and the same goes for fit. So ponder on these things and ask yourself ‘How can I be more intentional with my sewing in 2021’?

And don’t forget to grab your Love Notions patterns in the 30% off sale! I have a playlist on my Youtube channel of my LN makes and I also have posts here on my blog if you need inspiration. Bundle discounts still apply as well so it’s a great time to stock up! Remember to be intentional when choosing your patterns! 🙂





  1. Abbey

    Loving this whole lounge set, Keira. Coziness is always important tbh. And I’m with you on the sewing with intention from not just pattern choice but fabric selection too. It’s why I end up deliberating way too long on what to make with my Minerva fabrics when they get here. Like I have a plan when I select them, but then when I get them in my hands and wash them, that plan goes out the window 🤣

    • Keira Wood

      I change my mind a million times on fabric all the time too. This one though… I knew what I wanted as soon as I touched the fabric!

  2. Tessa

    Keira, I love your makes, but more so appreciate your approach to sewing this year. I think I might try switching out the serger threads too! Thanks for this!

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much for reading Tessa. I am so lazy with my serger threads especially because I don’t have many colours.. trying to do better this year!

  3. /

    Love your lounge set! And your thoughts on intentional sewing really hit home. I felt like I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to make so many things last year (even though I just started learning how to sew less than year ago lol), and it not only did not bring me joy, but it stressed me out and I ended up making garments just to make garments instead of being thoughtful of fabric selection and whether or not it actually fits in my wardrobe and lifestyle. I really do love your makes and I look forward to what you make this year with your intentional mindset! 🙂

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much! That was literally my life in 2020 lol rushing and stressing and not taking my time to really plan my makes and enjoy the process. It was panic in a pandemic!

  4. Carol in Denver

    Applause for your thoughtful process about your sewing going forward. IMO, you are making excellent choices.

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much! That means alot!

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