Love Notions Metra Blazer – Styled 10 ways!

Meet the NEW Love Notions Metra Blazer pattern! It’s a blazer pattern meant for stable knits with two collar options and the full size range XS-5X! This pattern has been so highly anticipated by Love Notions makers in the sewing community. From the first time Tami mentioned that she was working on this design, sewists have been waiting anxiously and excitedly for the drop! The Metra Blazer is finally here you guys and I am so excited to share my version with you!

My fabric is a scuba crepe mixed animal print fabric. Not my first choice to be honest, but rather my only choice because your girl is still on lockdown. I know it is too busy to show off the details of this amazing blazer pattern, but it was the only suitable stable knit in my stash. That being said, I’ve had this fabric for a year and I am so happy to finally use it for a pattern I truly love! Best believe I still worked my animal print blazer in true Keira fashion! I did make sure to get some close ups so you can see the intricacies. Don’t worry!

Let’s address the elephant in the room… the welt pocket! I promise this is not your traditional welt and Tami has included a video tutorial for that part since it can be a little bit more tricky. This is the easiest welt pocket I’ve ever done! My main tip is hand baste down the welt pieces if your fabric is really thick or bouncy like mine. In my YouTube video, you can really see the difference after hand basting. It isn’t perfect; my serger refused to get close enough to the welt when sewing my side seams, but yall I made a welt in a few minutes and did zero seam ripping! The way the pocket is constructed, there are no pocket bags or anything; the collar facing/lining serves as the pocket bag. Mind blown!

The entire construction of this blazer is just so unique and super cool! Definitely a fun project that teaches you new techniques. You use the burrito method to enclose the back between the collar outers and lining pieces. And it’s like magic when you pull your pieces right side out! Inside has a nice clean finish at the collar area. The side panel seams and back center seams are serged like normal. The only change I made was to shorten the sleeves 1.5″. I should have only shortened 1″ but I was on a time crunch and just made my regular adjustment. Luckily, I rarely wear a blazer with the sleeves not scrunched up so not a big deal. But measure your pattern pieces people!

There are two collar options: shawl and wide lapel. I was drawn to the wide lapel because of my fabric print. I felt like it would give a slight moto jacket feel. Here’s the fun part… I have not styled a blazer in so many years… I was literally clueless as to what to wear with it. In my Youtube video, I ended up trying on 8 outfits! Then when I was doing my photoshoots, I dropped another 2 in there! So you would see a total of 10 outfits with this blazer! How crazy! Make sure to let me know which is your favourite look!

Here’s something exciting: Tami is hosting a Metra Blazer Virtual Workshop! You can register to be part of a 25 member group sewing up the Metra on Zoom with personal assistance and guidance from Tami and Tessa! Isn’t that super cool? I suspect this opportunity is going to very fast so you may want to head over and register before it’s sold out! Remember, you get a copy of the pattern included in the Workshop registration!

So if you’ve been on the hunt for a blazer pattern that isn’t your traditional woven blazer, I highly recommend you try the Metra! It’s on release sale for $9 until March 2nd. It isn’t difficult at all but there are definitely some new interesting techniques you will learn! I sewed mine in one and a half hours! I should also mention that I omitted topstitching because my machine was not a fan of my fabric. But a good steam was all it needed to lay super flat and crisp. Overall, I am super happy with my blazer and the animal print design is very true to my taste. A solid blazer just wouldn’t have been very ‘Keira’ at all!



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  1. Abbey

    Might not have been your first choice, but it was a great choice! These 10 outfits agree that your Metra is fabulous in this beautiful animal print

    • Keira Wood

      Thanks!!! Really happy I went with that animal print honestly… cuz I no longer work an office job.. so the fact that it’s a little more funky… it’ll fit into my wardrobe much better!

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