Megan Nielsen Reef Pattern – Curve Range

I made perfect fitting shorts with minimal adjustments! Woohoo! I’ve found a new favourite shorts pattern and it’s pretty versatile too! I’ll be using this pattern for pjs, loungewear, beachwear, everything! It’s the Reef Pattern by Megan Nielsen and it has just been updated and re-released with extended sizing! You can choose from 0-20 or the Curve range 14-30. I was contacted by Megan Nielsen Patterns to be a part of the Community Makers team for this re-release.

The Reef is actually a camisole and shorts set pattern. The Camisole is a bias cut v neck top with crossover straps in the back. Super cute! I believe the 0-20 range is drafted for a 2″ difference between high bust and full bust and the 14-30 range, a 4″ difference. I didn’t try the cami this time because I was too excited and afraid at the same time, about trying the shorts. So I wanted to put all of my focus into fitting the shorts. But next time, I am definitely making the full set.. I actually need some new pjs!

There are 2 styles of shorts. One has a lower rise and a straight hem and the other has a higher rise and a curved hem. I was very hesitant when Megan Nielsen Patterns reached out to me to try the pattern. Not gonna lie.. I am terrified of pant fitting! But those curved hem shorts kept calling my name! It’s a new silhouette I haven’t tried and the shape reminded me of an adjustment I have to make to all of my pants – knock knee adjustment! This adjustment adds length to the inner thigh making the outer thigh shorter. Well guess what, View B of the Reef pattern is just that! They come up higher on the sides and have more length on the inseam. Say what? How did I not know these existed?!?!

So I took the plunge and decided to give the curved hem shorts a go! Best decision ever! I went with the curve range because they have a higher rise, longer inseam and more ease. The rise ended up way too high on me.. lile right under my bust. I am only 5’4″ so the inseam was also a bit too long for my taste. And my muslin fabric tricked me into thinking I should try the regular size range. My second mock up was actually laughable. I would have had to mess with the crotch curve a lot to get it to fit over my booty properly, and I would have had to do the size 16.

Because the Curve range has more ease, that was a lot more suitable for my shape. I have a 13″ difference between my natural waist and full hip. The crotch curve on the curve range was absolutely spot on for me. I prefer my shorts fitted because excess fabric usually gets pulled into my crotch area by rubbing thighs. Not fun! But if I were to make the regular range fitted, it would have been just a bit too fitted. So I decided to size down to a 14 in the Curve range and it was perfection! I shortened the overall rise 1.5″ and an extra .5″ in the front. And I shortened the inseam by 1″. Absolute perfection!

My last mockup is very much wearable! The mistake I made was to take a .5″ wedge from the back. Remember that 13″ waist to hip difference.. yeah no! Struggled to get that waistband pass my hips! That being said, for my final, I had to omit that wedge situation. When I tell yahl this pair of shorts fits me like a dream.. it is no joke! This is easily the best fitting pair of shorts I have ever made in the history of my sewing journey! I really appreciate the shape of the curve range’s crotch curve to accommodate gals with some junk in the trunk. And the only adjustments I had to make were length adjustments because.. short people problems! Make sure you watch my Youtube video to see the details of both pairs up close.

What I love most about these shorts is that super stylish curved hem. The hem is finished with a facing. I feel like this style presents colorblock opportunities and may be great for scrap busting! I had a clear vision for mine.. I needed a new pair of beach shorts so I went for a tropical animal print. Listen… a mix of tropical colours and zebra stripes is Keira in a nutshell! It’s a polycotton so it’s a bit silky and has some drape. Absolutely stunning shorts! No complaints at all! Love my fabric choice and everything! Nice deep inseam pockets! Looks great from all angles! No wedgie! Oh my word.. I am too excited! This is my new go to shorts pattern and I’ll even be sure to copy over that crotch curve for all my other pant patterns.

So huge thank you to Megan Nielsen Patterns for having me join the Community Makers team the Reef Pattern re-release! I am so happy I said yes! There are some great resources on their blog about choosing between the two size sets and just a ton of valuable information about this pattern. I highly highly recommend you try this one especially for these curved hem shorts! And even more so if you have a little booty and fall into the curve range, I think this is a winner!




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