Itch to Stitch Glenelly & McCalls M7984

The Glenelly Top & Dress pattern by Itch to Stitch just launched and it is the perfect go to summer pattern for any wardrobe! I live in the tropics, so I’ll be wearing my Glenelly year round in all the colours!! It’s no secret that square necklines are super on trend right now and that is obviously my favourite feature of this new pattern. It’s a knit pattern that has a nice open neckline that is great for displaying lovely necklaces and I just think it will look great on any body type. It certainly is an eye catching detail that I just couldn’t pass up. P.S. crew neck tees just won’t work in my 35 degree weather right now! Phew it is boiling hot here at the minute so the Glenelly neckline allows some much needed breeze to pass through.

My second favourite feature of the Glenelly Top pattern is the raglan sleeves. I am a sucker for raglan sleeves. They are so much easier and quicker to sew than regular set in sleeves and because of the absence of a shoulder seam, I am fine without my usual forward shoulder adjustment. Although the pattern only features this one short sleeve option, I am pretty sure you can go hack crazy if you want to. I am the hacking queen so you’ll probably see a different sleeve soon. I just can’t help myself, it’s a great base for hacking because of it’s simplicity.


  • 00 – 40
  • Options for regular bust and full bust

I made size 10 with the full bust option graded to 14 at the hip. I made a 3/4″ swayback adjustment. I also shortened my top by 2″ and that’s all. No major adjustments and the fit is spot on.

The Dress option has gathers in the center front and center back waist, and a slightly-raised front waistline. I went for the top because I really need more tops in my closet. And this is the perfect top for me, simple but not basic. It’s super versatile and will get a lot of wear throughout the year. It’s also a great scrap buster since it doesn’t use much yardage. The pattern recommended 1.5 yards for my size but I got mine out of 1 yard easily. Now I know what to do with all my 1 yard knits!


  • Designed for knit fabric
  • Good recovery
  • 50% horizontal and vertical stretch
  • Cotton spandex jersey, poly spandex jersey and interlock

Now I have a lot to say on fabric choice because I was a tester and I made my muslin from interlock that had poor recovery and poor vertical stretch. The difference is crazy! Fabric choice is so important for this pattern because of the wide neckline and the neckbands. My interlock muslin gaped a lot in the neckline and just didn’t sit right. Bare in mind, I did cut a 12 regular bust in the interlock as well so that would have contributed to my poor fit. But the point I really want to make is this.. stick to the fabric requirements. Kennis knows what she’s saying! My final is made with cotton spandex and it fits like a dream. My neckline sits flat and isn’t nearly as wide and exposing. I can wear my normal bra without the straps showing. And guess what, if the neckline sits too wide on your particular body type, Kennis formulated a narrow shoulder adjustment specifically for this pattern!

The neckbands were super nice to sew. Unlike other neckbands that have that v shape. I was actually terrified at first, but the instructions are so good! You also place interfacing squares at specific points, and you have circles to match up. Kennis’ neckband method here is fool proof in my opinion. And when it comes to v necks, I am the biggest fool! Because of the raglan sleeves and the high back neck, the neckline shape is more of a modern square, almost more of a trapezoid. It’s really fun and something I haven’t really seen in the sewing community before.

I wanted to dress up my Glenelly top for final photos so I whipped up a skirt using McCalls M7984. It’s a flouncy number that gave me all the senorita vibes when paired with my mustard polka dot Glenelly. I used off white linen and I made to sure to self line that top portion that fits close to the body just to conceal the darts and the facing better. I only had 1.5 yards of fabric so I opted for view D with the one flounce and I barely managed to squeeze out that self lining. I did have to patch 1 facing piece in the end but no one will ever know, well except if you’re reading this. 🙂 For buttons, I chose some dramatic tortoise shell like flowers that are huuuuge! Because of the size, I only did 3 instead of the 4 as the pattern suggested.

My biggest issue with this skirt pattern is the sizing. The size range is so limited on this one. I cut size 18 waist graded to 20 hip. I am usually a 14 to 16 in McCalls so that blew my mind and just had me all the way confuzzled. In any event, I absolutely adore this outfit. I styled it with leopard print heels, but also thought it would go nicely with red heels. Then I realized, I may have a thing for mustard polka dots with white. Check me out on the cover of the Seville Skirt pattern by Itch to Stitch. It’s basically the same outfit but flipped upside down! If I had worn my red heels, that would be insane! I clearly have a style.

Make sure you watch my Youtube video for more details and to see the pieces up close. Let me know in the comments below how you would style your Glenelly Top. The Glenelly Top & Dress Pattern is on launch sale at 20% off for one week. The volume discount still applies—get 15% off your entire cart if your purchase is $20 or more, or 20% off your entire cart if your purchase is $30 or more!

That’s it for now until next time!





  1. Abbey

    Looking at these pics more closely, yeah, this whole outfit is really cuteness. Love this flouncy skirt too!

    • Keira Wood


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