Love Notions Sunday Romper – Fall Jumpsuit

Remember that little yellow floral Sunday Romper I made earlier this year? It definitely surprised me! I was never a romper or jumpsuit kinda gal. I always felt that the proportions of rtw ones were never right for my body type plus there’s that awkward bathroom scenario so I just steered clear to play it safe. One of my perks as a Love Notions ambassador is that I have access to the entire pattern library. This makes it easy for me to try new styles and silhouettes. For the Sunday Romper Feature Friday in April, I decided to give it a try to see if I could get a better fit than a rtw romper. Alas! I did and I knew I had to try the full length version sometime in the future! Well the future is here!

Meet my island girl Fall Sunday Romper/Jumpsuit!! I am absolutely in love with this full length version! This is easily the best fitting jumpsuit I have ever worn! It is super comfy and cute at the same time! Sewing your own clothes is magical. I was able to tailor this thing to my liking and because I am so familiar with Love Notions patterns now, I knew the alterations I needed to make. Since I made the shorts version already, I pretty much just copied over those changes to this one plus did a few extra things that I wanted to modify based on that first one.

Sizing & Alterations

  • I made size 14
  • Shortened bodice 3/4″
  • Lengthened pant rise 3/4″
  • 3/4″ Swayback Adjustment
  • Lengthened the pant legs 1″
  • Replaced the buttonholes with eyelets

Pattern Details

One of my favourite things about this pattern is the dolman sleeves. I cannot resist dolman sleeves! My least favourite sewing task has to be setting in sleeves, so dolman sleeves are a lifesaver and in this case, they really help to provide that extra room for you to get into the jumpsuit since it has no closures. The pattern features a v neckline in both the front and back, which also helps with getting in and out. I adore the super cute nontraditional shape of the pockets too! The drawstring is optional as there is elastic in the waist already. This time I opted for the drawstring and my machine absolutely refused to do any buttonholes on this particular fabric, so eyelets came to the rescue. Thank goodness I had some lying around in my haberdashery tin (yes the famous sewing supplies biscuit tin)! My smartie pants on a camera man completely failed to get photos of my eyelets so I’ll have to insert a photo I took with my phone at home! Oops!


You guys already know… I’m not good with knit fabric types because our supply is so limited here. My experience with knits mostly comes from knits I ordered in. So when I see knits in store here, I often have no idea what they are unless they resemble something I’ve ordered in previously, which is hardly the case. I picked up this rust and brown tie dye looking fabric in one of my local stores that does not carry fabric labels, only price tags.. huh! (The photos do not show the true colour of this fabric at all.. clearly hubby had the camera on some weird setting.. I literally edited for days with no success) No one in store knew exactly what this fabric is but I loved how heavy it is and thought it would be perfect for a jumpsuit. I’m not a fan of a thinner jumpsuit; I feel like it would show everything, especially at the backside! This fabric is weighty and super smooth. The print is only on one side; the wrong side is a solid peach colour. It’s nice and stable and has awesome recovery. I wish I knew what it was so I could order some but oh well!

How ironic is it that I told my husband I may wear this on Christmas day, then when I showed it to my Mom, she said “you made a Christmas outfit!” without knowing I even said the same thing? Crazy! I guess I found my Christmas Day getup! This jumpsuit makes me think of vacation though… it just reminds me how much I am in dire need of a good vacation. This is easily the longest I’ve been on the ground in a pretty long time! Somebody get me on a plane asap!

*When I made my shorts version, I recorded a fun little sew along and it’s on my IGTV if you’re interested!

So… tell me… are you a jumpsuit kinda gal? Let me know in the comments below!





  1. Abbey

    My first thought was, Keira made another jumpsuit? 😁 This full length one is beautiful! Love both this and the romper on you.

    • Keira Wood

      I love the full length waaay more than the short one lol think I’ll stick to the longer length from now on. There is a cropped length I want to try too though.. kinda like a capri length.

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