Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings – Curve Range

Oh the excitement when I heard that biker shorts were going to be included in the re-release of Megan Nielsen’s Virginia Leggings pattern… I think I spoke for all island girls when I said.. gimme gimme gimme! They reached out to have me try the extended Curve Range with the new features of the pattern and I couldn’t pass it up! It’s actually shameful how much activewear fabric I have in my stash just sitting! And even more embarrassing that I haven’t exercised yet for the year! Phew! Let’s hope my new biker shorts are all the motivation I need.

So what’s new? Megan originally designed the Virginia Leggings 10 years ago and back then, they were used as an under layer. Over the years, makers started using the pattern for athleisure and activewear so she wanted to give us more views and more sizes so there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Both 0-20 and Curve 14-34 patterns now include three additional variations and options for different inseams, shorts, a wide waistband and cuffs. So to break things down a little further, here are your options:

  • Full length legging
  • Cuffed 3/4 length legging
  • Above knee length bike short
  • Thigh length bike short
  • Narrow waistband
  • Wide waistband


I was in between both size ranges and honestly didn’t know which to pick. I went with the Curve based on my experience with the Reef Shorts. I have to be honest… I definitely should have picked the 0-20 range instead for this particular pattern. I started off with size 16 graded to 18 following the size chart. They were way too big. I ended up cutting them down to 14 graded to 16 and you can tell from the photos that I still have excess room in the thigh. I also had to lower the rise by 1.5″ because these biker shorts were touching my bra. I ended up having to reduce the waistband by a whopping 4″ to get a nice snug fit in the end. Lucky for you, Megan Nielsen patterns has put out an amazing blog post on choosing between the 2 size ranges. I think if I had this information beforehand, I would have stuck with 0-20 instead. After all, I did lose 10lbs in the last few months and my body has changed the teeniest bit. It could also be attributed to fabric choice. I think my fabric had about 50% stretch but the pattern calls for about 40%?


Speaking of fabric, I had this very special Monstera print Sport Lycra designed by Crystal Walen for Spoonflower holding in my stash for actual years now. I always found it a bit too busy for long leggings so this was my perfect chance to cut into it. I also only had 1 yard anyway so View D was absolutely perfect for this beauty! As you could tell from the accidentally duplicated back legs, I couldn’t really choose pattern placement with just 1 yard so it is what it is! If you’re a monstera momma like me… get you some monstera fabric and whip up some bike shorts! You won’t regret it!

I styled my biker shorts for athleisure but let’s face it, I will be working out at home in these probably with a boring old t-shirt or sports bra. After all, we are apparently still in a pandemic.. hence the BRUH! So this wraps up my review of the Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings. Everyone needs a good basic leggings pattern so if you don’t own one yet.. I hope you feel inspired to have a go at this super easy sew! There is also a sew along on the MN blog if you want extra guidance.

I hope my monsteras made you smile!





  1. Abbey

    This whole look and mood, Keira. 🔥🔥🔥

    • Keira Wood

      Thanks Abbey!!

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