Mimi G Style wrap skirt

Mimi G Style Freebie Wrap Skirt

Do you guys remember when Mimi G posted a freebie wrap skirt tutorial on her YouTube channel yeeeears ago? She gave instructions for you to draft your own pattern according to your body measurements and choose your own length, and best of all, you could use a woven or a knit! She made both a shorter woven version and a longer knit version, and they looked absolutely fabulous. If you didn’t download that video, what were you thinking? Unfortunately, the video is no longer up but I had it saved and backed up so I decided to use it for this battle. Tip: If you bounce upon a video you would like to save for future use, girl download it before it disappears! Thank me later!

I made the short version in an abstract plaid poly linen fabric. This was my first time working with this fabric and the fraying was unreal. Thank the heavens for my lil ole second hand serger. 🙂 The skirt was really really easy to make – I mean it’s a rectangle with darts and a waistband pretty much.

Mimi G Style Wrap Skirt Review


  • You draft the pattern according to your own measurements and you decide your length; this is always a plus of course you are guaranteed a good fit!
  • Very beginner friendly pattern.
  • If you follow the video, the instructions are super clear.
  • The hem is straight which allows for extremely easy length adjustment.
  • The mini skirt version only used 1 yard of fabric!
  • Both wovens and knits can be used


  • Obviously if you didn’t download the video, you have no access to this pattern.
  • Since the pattern is drafted as a rectangle, if you have any form of a butt at all, the back will be much shorter than the front. I had to adjust my back hem so I don’t flash the world.
  • There’s one buttonhole for the waistband tie to pass through. I found that it had to be quite narrow since the waistband is narrow; so the tie does not sit flat at the buttonhole.
  • The ties are attached so that they tie in the center of the skirt. Not the most flattering look in my opinion so I adjusted mine to tie at the side.
  • The overlap opens a lot when I sit exposing way more leg than I would like.

So I think this Mimi G Style wrap skirt is super cute and pairs really well with my fabric choice. I only wish the video was still available so you guys could make it. 🙁 It’s a really quick and easy make and can be classed as a scrap buster. I would like to try a longer version as well as a knit version. Let me know in the comments below which version you would make. Also, did any of you save that vanished video?



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