Battle of the mini wrap skirts Winner!

Lovelies, the battle of the Mini Wrap Skirts is over! A winner has been declared! All three contenders put up a great fight! The Burda Style Magazine Lesley skirt, the Tilly & the Buttons Arielle skirt, and the Mimi G Style Freebie Wrap skirt all brought their own unique flare and cuteness overload to the classic wrap skirt. I enjoyed making all three and though I styled them in a way that I would probably never wear in my climate, I’m sure I’ll find a way to rock them.

I asked you guys on Instagram to vote for your favourite skirt and the results are in. The People’s choice award goes to……. *drumroll*


The Lesley came in a close second and the Mimi G style freebie landed in third just one vote behind. Now it’s time for me to declare my winner. I judged based on look, difficulty, availability, and instructions.

Lesley skirt - Burda Style

Contender 1, the Burda Style Magazine Lesley skirt, ranks high on look and availability but loses points for instructions as the PDF file seems to have some issues.

Contender 3, the Mimi G Style Freebie Wrap skirt, ranks high on look and difficulty, but loses points for availability and instructions as the video seems to have been removed from YouTube.

And it is with great pleasure that I announce, my winner of the Battle of the Mini Wrap Skirts – Fall Edition, is also

Arielle Skirt by Tilly & the Buttons.pattern review


Looks like we have a double winner!

The Arielle ranked high in all four categories; look, difficulty, availability and instructions! It’s a really awesome pattern that I can see myself going back to every so often. My only difficulty was the buttonholes but that is a personal struggle I am working on so I cannot fault the pattern. This is the second Tilly & the Buttons pattern I’ve made and I’m super impressed by the instructions, so clear and precise; very beginner friendly. And of course, how can I not mention, it’s darling. I mean have you seen those ladybugs?

Arielle Skirt by Tilly & the Buttons. length

Let me know in the comments below what battle I should do next.



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