M7569 Velvet Christmas dress

McCalls M7569

So here’s the story of how this green velvet dress came to be. Over the last few months my weight has skyrocketed (thanks to birth control)! I literally packed 2 suitcases full of clothes to donate since apparently nothing in my closet fits anymore. I knew I was traveling back home for Christmas and the thought of not having an appropriate Christmas dress was driving me insane. Now I made a total of ten sewing gifts for my family so obviously I didn’t have much time to fool around making myself a whole new vacation wardrobe. So if I had to pick one item to scramble up, of course it would be my Christmas dress. I really didn’t have time to go hunting for a pattern and since I had recently made my little red dress for #thelittlereddressproject, I decided I would grab that same pattern McCalls M7569 and do some pattern hacking. Let’s just say I have no regrets!

McCalls M7569 Christmas Dress

I had this green velvet in my stash for a few months. To be honest, I’m not even sure why I bought it. I think it was a spur of the moment kinda clueless purchase but thank goodness I had it on hand! It was so perfect for Christmas! The quality of this Telio velvet is insane. I mean it is thick and delicious. It is easily the heaviest velvet I’ve ever felt. Cutting was a piece of cake, it pretty much stuck to itself and didn’t slide around at all. I had to peel the pieces apart after cutting, which for some reason was rather satisfying. It has a really nice sheen that changes colour at different angles.

How to sew McCalls M7569

Since I had just made this pattern about two weeks before, I already had my size cut out and it was easy breezy! I made size 14. I omitted the sleeve flounces which meant my pattern only needed front, back, sleeves, skirt, and I made a tie belt which was a basic rectangle. Mine was unlined which meant I could whip it up in a few hours. The one hack I made was to change the skirt from a pencil skirt to an A-line skirt since my dress would be worn to church and I wasn’t comfortable showing off all my rolls in a body con dress. Of course I hopped on google and you-tube for a little assistance and so I decided to use the slash and spread method which was incredibly easy and simple. 

McCalls M7569

So there you have it! I whipped up a Christmas dress in a few hours and I got so many compliments! Everyone thought it was store bought and I could not feel more proud. It’s amazing how everything works out so well when you least expect it. I had both the pattern and fabric on hand! I have zero complaints about this dress. It came together like a dream and I will be wearing it over and over again.

McCalls M7569 Review

Did you guys manage to diy a Christmas dress this year? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. /

    Woah that’s such a gorgeous dress! I love how velvet and green immediately gives any garment so much Christmas-spirit 😀 I also created my dress for Christmas, and funnily it’s also in green velvet! I chose velvet because it’s pretty cold here in December (I’m in Europe). Wasn’t yours too warm with the tropical weather?

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you Karin! I was fine when sitting in the shade.. it was quite windy that day. But to take those photos standing in the sun.. yeah I may have melted a bit. Green velvet seemed to be a hit this year!

  2. Hazel

    Your dress is stunning! I too made a velvet dress for Christmas, but mine was purple! I just found my way here via PatternReview.com

    • Keira Wood

      Hi Hazel! Thanks for stopping by! Velvet was a huge hit this Christmas.. purple is one of my favourite colours.. I would love to see your dress!

      • Hazel

        It’s on PatternReview.com The pattern was an Ellie and Mac ‘Breezy Dress’

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