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Mayfield Fabric Challenge Journey to the Hera Wrap Top Reveal

I still can’t believe I won something! I won the Mayfield Fabric Challenge! For those of you who don’t know, my friends Carla and Troy Mayfield have a fabric store called Mayfield Fabric. Over on their Youtube channel Stay Stitching, they hosted a challenge which required both Carla and a selected winner to make an item using 2.5 yards of fabric chosen by the winner. Lucky for me, I won and my choice was Art Gallery Fabrics Illusionist Vine Jay. I think this fabric is currently out of stock on their website but here are some other awesome picks I fell in love with.


Hera Wrap Top – Wardrobe by Me – FREE Pattern

Now on to my trials and tribulations with my make. I thought my fabric choice was so perfect for a Kimono. After doing some scoping around Instagram, I found that the Sew Over it Kimono seemed to be a big hit among fellow sewists. Unfortunately, I just could not get the thing to work for me. Maybe it was the pattern, maybe it was me, who knows; the point is I had already cut into my gorgeous fabric to make this nightmare of a hospital gown! I went into full panic mode and every single pattern I checked had pieces that were too big to cut out from a kimono I had butchered out of frustration. All I can say is that a miracle happened next! A free pattern popped into my head from somewhere over the rainbow and it was definitely a God-send: The Hera Wrap Top by Wardrobe by Me!

Hera wrap top - peplum

Yahl I am so happy with how this top turned out! I love it so much more than the kimono! It was a really easy simple make and it obviously didn’t use much fabric. I did have to put a seam in the back peplum but it is barely noticeable. I made a size 12 muslin and decided to size down to a 10 before cutting. The cap sleeves are so adorable and this fabric was the perfect choice for my tropical climate. The top was super cool and breezy and as you can see my birdies blended in quite well with the waterfall in the background. 

Hera wrap top sleeves
Hera wrap top made by me

In terms of changes to the pattern, I made two. I shortened the torso since the waist on the muslin sat really low and I preferred it at my natural waist. I also tacked the front so it wouldn’t open too much. I just wanted to be comfortable and not have to pull and tug constantly to avoid flashing the public.

Hera wrap top 1
Hera wrap top ront view

So that is the story of my little faux wrap top that is super awesome because it was a FREE pattern and I totally adore my fabric! I had an absolute blast showing it off on my trip to waterfall. Let’s just say the aches in my knees were totally worth it!

Hera wrap top - behind
Mayfield Fabric - Hera wrap top

Did I mention I’m terrified of heights and decided to take photos on a bamboo bridge? I don’t know what I was thinking but the photos came out lovely! Thank you Carla and Troy for partnering with me! I had a fun time minus the panic attack and I really do love my little top! Hope you guys enjoyed this read and will head on over to Mayfield Fabric to get some goodies! And don’t forget to download that FREE pattern!



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