Sewing Addiction Tinley top #bhmpatterndesigners

Isn’t this Tinley Top top just the cutest ever? First of all I’m obsessed with the fabric! It is a cotton and lycra blend that I found in my local fabric store and it is super soft and comfortable. I would say it is more of a mid weight fabric. I can never have enough black and white, a classic combo you could pair with literally any other colour.

I made this top for the #bhmpatterndesigners challenge hosted by Nateida, @naturaldane and Myra, @onesewsweet on Instagram. The challenge, held in February which is Black History month, required participants to make something using a pattern created by a black pattern designer.

I chose to make the Tinley Top by The Sewing Addiction. This pattern was gifted to me by the owner, Crystal and I hadn’t gotten around to using it so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. The Tinley Top is a slightly cropped, off the shoulder, long sleeved top with bands and cuffs. It has a sweatshirt feel almost and I would say it is chic and stylish yet simple and easy to throw on.

My measurements placed me in size 14 but knowing that I needed to account for negative ease, I measured the pattern pieces to get finished garment measurements and opted for size 10. I shortened the sleeves by 2 inches.. I must have freakishly short arms because I need to do this for every pattern with long sleeves. When I tried the size 10 neckband, it was a bit tight and uncomfortable and kept slipping up so I changed out the band to the size 12 which feels much better. It still slips up with any little movement though which is my only issue with the pattern. Maybe it wouldn’t move as much if I use a lighter weight jersey with less recovery next time.

The Tinley is one of the easiest patterns to make up. It is very beginner friendly and will only give a challenge to sewists who are not experienced with sewing knits. The instructions are super clear and include diagrams and to be honest, I didn’t really use them. It is a very basic pattern that comes together in a few hours. Oh and the best part.. the top is made using only 4 pattern pieces, most of which are rectangles, and it doesn’t use much fabric either.

For some reason, it looks to me like the perfect movies date kinda top. Super cute and it should keep you warm enough with the long sleeves. I styled mine with shorts because well… I live on an island and we pretty much live in shorts here. I would totally rock it with jeans as well. It’s a pretty versatile top in my opinion. If you never tried Crystal’s patterns, I’d say you should check them out asap! By the way… did you peep me blowing Nelson Mandela a kiss?



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