Our Lady of Leisure Magarita Dress

I made a sparkly number for my birthday using the Our Lady of Leisure Magarita dress pattern! Be sure to watch my sew with me video for all the details!

When I first saw this dress pattern, I knew right away I wanted it to be my birthday dress. This birthday was a special one… I hit the big THREE O! I had purchased this metallic/holographic scuba months ago and was saving it for something special. If a 30th birthday isn’t special, I don’t know what is! Not gonna lie… I feel like I just turned super old!

To be honest, I did have a lot of issues making this dress but there is no doubt the end result was absolutely stunning. Let’s start with sizing. According to the size chart, I fell between E and F. I made a mock up of the bodice in E from my actual fabric since I had enough to spare. It was huge and literally fell to my waist. I figured maybe it was because I didn’t have the shoulder wrap on so there was nothing to hold it up. I sized down one size to D, shortened the bodice pieces by 1/2 inch and the skirt pieces by 2 inches.

Although I used the recommended fabric, the top still came up big in my opinion. Especially considering the weight of the zipper and the wrap. In retrospect, I should have omitted the zipper. I had to be pulling up the dress constantly which was a bit annoying. The scuba also caused the seams to be extra bulky and difficult to sew through. When attaching the wrap, I ended up sewing through 5 layers of scuba or at least attempting to. It didn’t help that the glitter on this fabric was gluey and causing my needle to become sticky. By the end of it all, I broke my machine’s hand wheel.

Despite all of these challenges, the dress served its purpose. The style is really classy and elegant yet fashionable. The back is super cute with the little slit and the way the wrap opens up over the zipper. The skirt is shaped well and hugged my curves the way I wanted it to. There are darts in both the front and back to help with shaping as well. I hemmed the dress by hand.

I personally would not make this dress again. It is a one time special occasion dress to me and I also will have to do make too many alterations next time in any case. I will however say, if it interests you, have a go at it! Just keep fabric choice in mind to avoid any machine mishaps. I would recommend choosing a lighter weight fabric and going down a few sizes.

So what do you guys think about my birthday dress? Was it worth a broken machine hand wheel?





  1. Kristie

    Yes!!!! It’s stunning!! 🙂 xx

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much!

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