Forgetmenot Patterns Sabrina Skirt – Neon Dreams

Hi sewing friends!

Today I want to share with you a project that came to life exactly how I planned it in my head. The truth is, this rarely happens! I usually find myself winging things and having make it work moments. But this time, the sewing gods blessed me! I had the amazing opportunity to make up the Sabrina Skirt by Forgetmenot Patterns. They call it ‘The Perfect Fit Pencil Skirt’; intriguing right?

I knew what I wanted to create the second I saw the pattern drawings. The first thing I noticed was the panels and I immediately thought this is a colour blocking opportunity here, something I don’t meddle with too regularly. I had been eyeing this animal print stretch faux leather in my local fabric store and I knew this was the right garment for it. I decided to pair it with black, and the piping suggestion in the instruction booklet had me racking my brain trying to figure out which colour I would use to go with this black and animal combo. Of course red came to mind but it was too expected. I am one of those think outside the box kind of sewists. I like to make really unique pieces.

I told my husband ‘I would love to go to the extreme and use neon piping but I know I won’t find it here’. He agreed that my neon dreams would soon be crushed but we decided to check anyway. Lo and behold… there she was in all her glory… the neon piping was right on top of the piping stash in one of my local haberdashery shops. I just about died and went to heaven in that moment, I think my husband was even more shocked than I was too. My neon piping was obviously meant to be!

I’ve never used piping before and I was terrified because I thought it would be impossible with the curved seams but it was so much less painful than I imagined. Once I switched to my invisible zipper foot it went in seamlessly. The instructions for this skirt are amazing. Very in-depth with great illustrations and demonstration videos. I do still need to practice my stepped back facings but everything else went together with no issues.

In terms of sizing, there are three fit options based on different wait to hip ratios. I’ve never seen this in a sewing pattern before. I mean this is some good stuff! I fell between 38 and 40 curvy fit but sized down to 36 mid fit because both fabrics were stretchy; stretch faux leather and stretch cotton sateen. I only made a few alterations: lengthened the skirt by two inches, tapered the sides as I have to do with every pencil skirt because of my body shape, and I did a half inch hem instead – just personal preference.

I originally styled my Sabrina skirt with a black sleeveless turtleneck but I felt like I needed to pull the neon more and went for a neon sweater top instead. This just goes to show that this skirt is versatile, even with animal print and neon piping. I stepped out of my comfort one with my design choices for this skirt and I have absolutely no regrets! If you are looking for the perfect fit pencil skirt, this one definitely lives up to its name!





P.S. I made this skirt during Vlogmas on my Youtube channel! Feel free to follow along! 🙂


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