Forget me Not April Dress & Gemma Tie Belt

I am so excited to share these two new patterns with you all! I love Forget Me Not patterns! The designs are super cute, different and the instruction booklets are very detailed! So far I’ve made the Sabrina Skirt and Adeline Dress (See mine here!). I also purchased the Valerie Dress and have been sent the Iris Tee but haven’t made those up yet. I also have my eye on the Lola! I mean.. clearly I like their patterns! One of the main things that stands out to me is the sizing. Some of the patterns have different versions for different body types. The Sabrina Skirt for example, has a straight fit, mid fit and curvy fit. This new April Dress has three bust fit options: small, medium and full. If you are like me, and your proportions don’t fit into one standard size, you’ll love this aspect!

The April dress is your basic A-line silhouette but is far from basic! It features a wavy seam detail that goes all the way around the dress. There are two views, two lengths, and 2 pocket options!


  • Flat View
  • Gathered View


  • Above Knee
  • 2″ Shorter

Pocket Options

  • In seam pockets
  • Wavy seam pockets

The April Dress is offered in sizes 28-52 which takes you from a bust of 27.5″ to 54.5″ and a hip of 32.5″ to 56.5″. I fell in between the 40 and 42, and in between the medium and full bust ranges. I was a tester, so I made a mock up of size 40 medium bust, knowing that my final fabric would either be crinkle rayon or linen, both growing fabrics from my experience. Thank goodness I went that route; my final fabric definitely grew a tad! I went with the crinkle rayon because the colour options were way more appealing to me. I was dead set on colourblocking for my final. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity… I mean April is literally perfect for colourblocking! So I chose a citron for the top, and fuchsia for the skirt. I went with the flat view because I didn’t want to have to manipulate this very delicate fabric too much with the gathers. I also chose the above knee skirt which is the longer length.

The one issue I ran into was that my fabric was a lot more sheer than I had imagined when it was being cut in the store. It was folded over on the bolt so I couldn’t tell. When I laid it out to cut my April, I realized it was practically see through. Well I had already committed so I kept going hoping for the best. Worse case scenario, I could wear a slip dress underneath right? I didn’t take the facings into consideration so both front and back facings definitely show through a bit more than I would have liked. This is why I omitted the pockets. I really wanted to try those wavy seam pockets but I was afraid they would show through too much and look odd. The wavy seam pockets are listed as an advanced technique with the overall pattern listed at intermediate level. From what I can recall, all the testers who attempted that style of pocket nailed it! That being said, another April needs to be planned asap! I really want a gathered view version with the shorter skirt and wavy seam pockets! In a much sturdier fabric too!

So with my colourblocking, my April dress is super fun and bold. Absolutely gorgeous dress! And with minimal fit adjustments, it was a lot easier to construct than you’d imagine. There are slanted bust darts and waist tucks on both the front and back. I lowered my bust darts 1/2″, raised my waist tucks 1/2″ and did a 1/2″ sway back adjustment. Wow I really like to do things by the 1/2″! Never noticed! The back has a center seam so you have a slit at the back neck with hook and eye closure to get in and out of the dress easily. With my crinkle rayon and my tiny head, I was able to get it over my head without that hook and eye closure. So I just hand tacked it on the wrong side. Perks of having a small head?

Another feature I adore about this dress pattern is the free add on that comes with it. The Gemma Tie Belt is a free belt pattern with rounded edges and a tie. You can grab it separately on the Forget Me Not shop as well which is amazing! I love how it looks with the wavy seam of the April plus I can see myself making this belt over and over again to wear with many different styles. The Gemma is interfaced to give it more structure, and it’s fully adjustable because of the tie. I thought sewing that thin tie was going to be a complete pain especially in the crinkle rayon but I made sure to use tissue paper underneath, and it wasn’t too bad at all! I made my belt in the fuchsia colour to match my skirt. I love how it pulls in the waist. Very necessary for this fabric. The sample in linen looks great without the belt, but with the drape of the crinkle rayon, my dress does not look like that! I actually can’t wear mine without the belt. That being said, I am so happy the belt was an option with this dress! If you plan to make the April with the belt, you can omit the waist tucks as the belt will cover those anyway. The tucks are totally optional. It all depends on the fit and look you want to achieve.

So that wraps up my review of the Forget me Not Patterns April Dress and Gemma Tie Belt. I enjoyed testing for Johanna as usual. Her designs are definitely interesting! This one is no exception! If you want to grab the April, it’s on sale for Launch Week. Get 20% with the code: HEYAPRIL. And remember, Gemma is 100% FREE! So since I want to make that shorter gathered version with wavy seam pockets, any fabric recommendation? Should I do a solid this time? Let me know in the comments!




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