Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan Beach Set

The Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan pattern got a makeover and I am obsessed! I’ve wanted a duster cardigan for ages now. I was over the moon when I found out the pattern was having a face lift. It’s been updated to include new sizes, full bust option, new lengths, new collar options! How exciting! I had this vision for a long time… of a duster cardigan with side slits and a matching pair of shorts. If you didn’t know, I love the beach! I live on a tropical island and that comes with being a beach bum. I wanted a beach appropriate set to dilly dally on the sand and frolic in the ocean breeze. Here came the new Boyfriend Cardigan rolling in to make my dreams come true!

Here are all the new details of the updated Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan pattern:


  • XS-5X
  • Full Bust Option


  • Thigh
  • Duster

Collar Options

  • Straight Collar
  • Shawl Collar
  • Hooded Collar

Other Features

  • Optional Patch Pockets
  • Dropped Shoulder
  • Long Sleeves
  • Side Slits

So what view did I make? I whipped up an absolutely stunning duster length with side slits. I kept it simple with the straight collar option because I felt it made more sense for my beach vibe. The fabric was a bit slipper so I omitted the pockets and topstitching details. I sewed this Boyfriend Cardi in 2 hours! It was super quick and easy and the instructions are amazing, especially for the side slits. I started sewing around 3pm and finished just after 5pm. I then had to scramble to the beach to take photos before the sun went down. Annnd also before I get intro trouble lol We are only allowed to be at the beach from 6am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm. I left home at about 5:45! I was too excited to wait until the next day! I also stayed in my outfit for hours after I got back home, much to the concern of my lovely husband who would have preferred I put them away incase I had to reshoot the next day. Yall this set is too comy!

I know you’re wondering about these cute little matching shorts. Guess what? It’s a Love Notions pattern too! These are the Resolution Bottoms. I just shortened them to shorts length. This is the second time I am making shorts using the Resolutions. The first time I omitted the pockets.. major booboo! This time I made sure to put in the pockets! This is the yoga waistband and these are literally some of the comfiest shorts I’ve ever worn. I may actually sleep in them! I think they pair perfectly with the Boyfriend Cardigan. My vision definitely came to life with these two! Totally cliche but match made in heaven!

Let’s talk fabric!

I was stumped at first about what fabric to use for my cardigan. I had a few options but none of them really screamed at me. While the pattern was still in the testing phase, I won this fabric on Instagram! It’s the Pretty in Pink Tie Dye Velvet from Nicole Elise Textiles! I am not gonna lie.. I kinda doubted the velvet part. I am so used to seeing tie dye french terry, dbp, rayon spandex… never velvet. When I opened the fabric, I was amazed! It really is velvet and it is super soft and silky and very stretchy! I made the pattern and fabric pairing in my mind instantly! I knew this was the one! The fabrics over at Nicole Elise Textiles come in 4 yard bundles so I had 4 yards of this yumminess. It was a no brainer that I would make matching shorts! Of course with the velvet I had to pay special attention to my cutting direction to ensure the nap was the same on all pieces. The fabric is a bit slippery so I did struggle a bit to line up my back yoke and so forth. The shorts aren’t perfect but they are so soft and comfy! I just cannot get over this fabric! I am not sure how to wear this set without stroking myself!

There’s a note in the Boyfriend Cardigan instructions that speaks to the intended fit. It’s a looser fitting cardigan, hence the term ‘Boyfriend’. They recommend you size down if you want a slimmer fit. My fabric is so stretchy, I went ahead and sized down. I fell at a size L on the size chart and I went for a M. The sleeves are quite roomy and I feel super comfortable in the M. The side slits give all the movement I need and I wouldn’t want it any looser. It may have actually blown off me at the beach if it was looser. The wind was insane! My fabric is printed only on the right side and the wrong side is actually white. So you do see the wrong side when it blows open, but because it of the dark tones, the right side actually shows through the wrong side and inside looks slightly pink instead which is great.

I felt so happy to be at the beach again. This is only my second beach shoot since the beaches reopened and I am just enjoying myself! I am enjoying my makes on a whole a lot more too. I think this tie dye velvet fabric was the perfect choice for this little beach set. I absolutely love this new updated Boyfriend Cardigan and I am slightly obsessed with the duster length! This can easily double as a beach cover up for me! And I may or may not be wearing these shorts as I write this post! Sorry guys.. these are never coming off!

*The Boyfriend Cardigan pattern is on sale for $5 TODAY and then $9 through the weekend. The matching Girls’ Boyfriend Cardigan is on sale too. Don’t forget to check out the Resolution Bottoms while you’re on the site… not on sale but totally worth it!



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  1. N. Magoo

    LOVE everything about your new beach set. Love the fabric (the colour and print are amazing). Love the fact the cardigan is a multi purpose garment – beach wear, work wear, casual wear, heck it could even be used as bath robe given the fact its stretchy and velvet. Also, the shorts are amazing and also I am sure you will find plenty excuses to wear them.

    I am certain everyone who sees your new cardigan and shorts will want to know where you purchased them and when they learn you made them they will be totally jealous that they won’t be able to score the same amazing garment pieces.

    Personally, I am really jealous you are able to spend quality time in a warm climate – not to mention at the beach – a total score in my book compared to the weather in Ontario Canada.

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much! Yup my confidence level was super high in this set. Matter of fact, I wore the cardi yesterday with denim shorts and a white tank, sandals and a crossbody to head to the fabric store. I felt so proud wearing it! And yes I am so fortunate to be able to have these glorious beach days!

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