Itch to Stitch Nittany Top & Hermosa Shorts

Meet the Nittany Top pattern by Itch to Stitch!! It’s a fabulous little woven top with short sleeves and the cutest pleat detail at the front neckline. There’s an optional keyhole which of course I couldn’t resist. I was a tester and it’s that keyhole’s fault! It completely drew me in… I love a keyhole detail! The top features a shirt tail hem and you can even sew up a waist sash if you prefer a cinched in waist. Let’s have a look at my version!


  • 00-40
  • Cup Sizes A-DD

My mockup was size 12 c cup graded to 16 with two inches taken off the length at the lengthen/shorten line. It was okay.. it could definitely use some work. Luckily, I knew exactly what to do! I was skipping the waist measurement because it’s a flowy top. But because of my shape, when a top is more billowy at the waist and closer on the hips, I find I tend to look like a box. For my hip measurement, I could get away with the 16 but for tucking, the hem felt a bit pulley and I knew I needed extra room. My fault for not going 100% according to the body measurements chart.

My final is a 12 c cup graded to a 10 waist graded to a 18 hip. Perfection! I took off my two inches at the lengthen/shorten line and I did a ½” narrow shoulder adjustment. I couldn’t be happier with the fit and the flow of my little Nittany Top!! The top is actually half lined at the front. I didn’t bother to shorten my lining just incase it would show through my fabric, I thought it would look funny like I was wearing a belly breaker under my top. So I left the length and just did my grading at the side seam.


I would say it’s more of an advanced beginner to intermediate pattern because of the pleat construction – something to keep in mind. In my Youtube video, I’ll be sharing how I mark my pleats and keyhole to prepare for sewing. The lining helps to create the keyhole and clean neck finish and you do have to do a little bit of hand stitching. Once you nail the pleats, everything else is your basic woven top construction.


The fabric I used for my mock up was a thick crepe fabric. I tried to use something that wasn’t too slippery so I could nail the pleats. Well it was clear from my mock up, I needed a fabric with lots more drape and flow for this silhouette. I stuck with crepe but went lightweight this time. I chose a gorgeous hot pink fabric and while I was at the fabric store, I got the bright idea to whip up some matching Hermosa Shorts to pair with my Nittany. My shorts are made from leopard print stretch twill.

Hermosa Shorts

I think I need to do a whole separate post on my Hermosa Shorts because getting to my final was a bit of a process. Let’s just say a 13″ difference between waist and hip, and a weird shaped bum are hard to fit! I’ve gone as far as 5 muslins for pants before. Fortunately for me, I only made 2 muslins for the Hermosas. They are almost perfect! So proud of myself for the fit on these shorts!


I didn’t want to distract from that pleat detail at the front neckline, so I kept it simple with accessories. I just wore my go to dainty necklace and gold hoops. I also grabbed a bronze bracelet at the last minute and I think it complimented the colours in the shorts perfectly. I also styled my Nittany both tucked in and out to see which I would prefer. Honestly, I like both and can’t choose! Let me know in the comments below which one tickles your fancy!

For one week (through June 7, 2021), the Nittany Top sewing pattern is 20% off. Highly recommend this super cute pattern. I think it’s really versatile and can be styled many different ways for various occasions, casual or dressy! Hope my Nittany caught your eye and inspired you in some way!



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  1. Carol

    Imordeeing this nowwwww I love the play of the pleats and peephole😍

    • Keira Wood

      I could totally see you in this Carol!!

  2. Abbey

    I love a pink and leopard combo!!! 😍😍😍 This keyhole really adds some interest to the top indeed! Even though the pleats are really cool as well.

    • Keira Wood

      Thanks!! Yup I love the pleats but especially the keyhole!!

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