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The Tempo Sundress is here and I am way too excited. I Actually need to calm down a bit! I already have so many fabric pairings and hacks in my head. This is the perfect sundress for Summer for those of you who have seasons. For me, this is the perfect dress for my climate all year round. I love the fact that you can dress it up or down. I tried it on with sandals and wedges, and both look amazing! The Tempo Sundress is on release sale for $9 from today until next Tuesday if you want to grab a copy!


The Tempo Sundress is meant for woven fabrics and I think fabric options are endless with this one. It looks great in lighter weight fabrics like rayon and crepe but also lovely in cottons and linens with less drape. It’s entirely up to you and what kind of look you’re going for. Just keep in mind, the Tempo is meant to be fitted at the bust but loose at the waist and hips. I used a really lightweight rayon fabric in the most stunning burnt orange paint splatter print. I absolutely adore this fabric on my skintone! And the drape is unreal.. so beautiful!


  • XS-5X
  • Standard and Full Bust Options

Length Options

  • Knee Length
  • Midi Length with bottom tier

Back Options

  • Shirred
  • Elastic Channels

So let’s talk about the options I chose for my Tempo sundress. I went for knee length. I’m not really a midi gal but I have seen some gorgeous midi versions on my fellow ambassadors! I did the shirring because I was using really lightweight rayon fabric. I knew it would shrink up really nicely. For my next version which will be made from Ankara fabric, I’ll be trying the elastic channels! My machine doesn’t shirr stiffer fabrics the best so I think that is the rule I’d go by. Shirring for lightweight drapey fabrics and elastic channels for medium to heavy weight fabrics with less drape. I added the side seam pockets that are cleverly anchored at the waist. I mean.. duh!! Why wouldn’t I?


I made a straight size L but ended up having to let out the side seams at the bust a bit. Next time I will cut a line between the L and XL. I made a ¾” swayback adjustment and a quick and dirty 1.25″ full seat adjustment on the skirt. My skirt is shortened 1″. My straps are shortened 1″ and I did move them a bit at the back for better bra strap coverage. Next time I plan to do some things a little differently. I’d shorten the straps by maybe ½” because the side does come up a bit high under the arm. I think I will also shorten the bodice ½”. Overall, once you nail your adjustments, it’s a quick and easy sew!

The bodice is finished with facings and I quite like that. It’s really easy to sew and neatens the inside nicely. The facing does show through my front bodice the slightest because my fabric is so thin and it’s just a bit snug on me. So maybe if your fabric is really thin or translucent, consider fully lining the bodice. 

I anticipate a lot of us ambassadors will be showcasing hacks during release week. The Tempo Sundress is such a hackable pattern! My ankara version will most likely have tie straps and a mini skirt with a ruffled hem. Sort of a babydoll style dress! And my next hack will probably involve some sort of ruffle sleeve addition. We’ll see what happens!!


The Tempo Sundress is on release sale for $9 from today until next Tuesday if you want to grab a copy. Let me know what you think of this style on me down in the comments below! Should I make ten more?





  1. /

    This is stunning Keira!!! Love the color on you and your photos are amazing!

  2. Ginger

    Love your dress!
    I may have to try hacking the Sonata skirt to the Temp bodice.

  3. Mary

    This is a gorgeous dress and looks very easy to make. I just ordered my pattern.

  4. Abbey

    Just had to come look at these pics again, Keira! This dress is so nice on you !

  5. Ginger

    Do you have a tutorial on the full seat adjustment you used on the skirt? I would like to try it on the next skirt I make. Thanks so much.

    • Keira Wood

      I did a really quick cheater version of a full seat adjustment. In my YouTube video I show the pattern piece and explain what I did.

      • Ginger

        Thank you. I will go watch it now.

        • Ginger

          Thanks again. I do appreciate you taking the time to make a video for us. I do that same wedge adjustment often when I make pants. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to do it for a skirt.

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