Love Notions Sybil & Willow Mashup

I am really enjoying hacking and mashing patterns right now and today I am so excited to reintroduce you to one of my favourite patterns I use as a hacking base. Actually it’s the only knit skirt pattern I have ever made and I really do feel like I will never need another. It’s the Sybil Skirt Collection – packed with 7 different styles! What more could you possibly need in a knit skirt pattern? The Sybil pattern just had a complete redraft and sizing update. Same 7 styles but now available in sizes XS-5X (Max waist 49.5″ hip 59.5″). How exciting!


  • Pencil
  • A-Line
  • Swing
  • Drop Yoke
  • Asymmetrical Wrap
  • Pleated
  • Gored

Length Options

  • Knee
  • Midi

Waistband Options

  • Yoga
  • Control Top

So far I’ve made the pencil, swing and asymmetrical versions. My favourite pencil skirt is made from a stretch jacquard animal print fabric in size large. Blog post here.

My swing is a scuba crepe snake print also in size large. Blog post here.

I also did a Sybil and La Bella Donna mashup in a lovely coral red rib knit fabric. You can get all the details in this special Pattern Mashing Blog Post here.

The Sybil is mashable with the Tessa Sheath Dress and Margot Peplum patterns which I am yet to try. I loved my ‘Sybiladonna’ so much, I wanted to try another out of the box mashup incorporating my all time favourite wrap dress pattern, the Willow Wrap Dress! My husband named this one ‘Sybillow’. I didn’t have much time to experiment properly with muslins and so on (we were without power for days after Hurricane Elsa) so I kinda just went for it and hoped for the best!


I cut my Willow top in my usual size large and went ahead and sewed it up like normal. I then sewed up a Sybil skirt in size large graded to extra large hip, in the asymmetrical style to match the Willow wrap. One of the standout features of this style is the mitered corner on the wrap – so clean and neat! I omitted the waistband for my Sybil; make sure you account for the lack of a waistband when choosing your skirt length so you don’t end up with a super mini skirt unless that’s what you’re going for.

Here’s the shocking part – I just joined the two at the waist normally with a ⅜” seam allowance. No alterations or adjustments whatsoever! The Sybil is designed to have a snug waistband that pulls in the skirt top. Without the waistband, the skirt waist will be a little bigger than the Willow waist. I just stretched my top’s waist a bit to ease in the difference and then sewed as normal. Nothing fancy or complicated! 

If you want a really snug waist, you can use the sybil waistband measurement to create a band that will go between the top and skirt. Alternatively, you can add elastic in the waist seam. I found the waist to be super comfy as is and just left it with that little extra room. (The looser waist is perfect for bloated days! The wrap over conceals the tummy too! P.S. I was super bloated in these photos and I think this dress disguised it really well!)


My fabric is a tie dye swirl sweater knit in neutral tones. It is very lightweight and brushed on the right side so it is soft and delicious to wear! It sewed like a dream and this is probably the comfiest dress in my wardrobe now. I am not usually a neutrals girl but this is beautiful! I may have just been converted! I didn’t have enough fabric to pay attention to any sort of pattern matching but can we take a moment to appreciate the accidental pattern match on the asymmetrical wrap and under skirt pieces? What sorcery is this?

If you haven’t yet grabbed this fabulous pattern pack of 7 knit skirt styles.. today is your day! The Sybil Skirt Collection is the Feature Friday pattern on sale for $5 today only and then $10 throughout the weekend. Regular price is $14. I highly recommend using it as a base for hacking.. it’s a very mashable pattern. The original styles are wonderful too. To me, this is a steal of a deal! You really cannot go wrong with this pattern! I know it will become your favourite too!





  1. Ginger

    I love your mash of Sybil and Willow! I’ve used Sybil several times with Tessa. This is such a great pattern.

    • Keira Wood

      Thank you so much! The Sybil is such a great hacking base! I wonder what top I will mash with it next. 🙂

      • Abbey

        😍 Pattern mashup win!!! Love this combo and this fabric! I don’t know when we’ll get back full power, but I’m having all kinds of sewing tabanca these past 9 days 😫

  2. Lodi

    Beautiful dress, and it suits you perfectly. It looks lovely on you!

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